BMT Proprietary levels

You wont find ANY levels that come close to BMT levels.

Every day our members get an accurate, self refined version of levels for all the top names we trade. 30-60 mins before open.

Price adapted levels are KEY to knowing the balance of power in the market. 

Why you should NEVER use old levels, As price moves, Price forms new consolidation pockets know as intraday Supply/Demand from institutions.
These secret levels form barriers of support or resistance. I simply find & trade them in my strategy.
Knowing the balance of power is all in the KEY level of the day.

This level is the most important of all levels & it changes based on demand.  If all you did was trade off the direction of the key level you would see massive change in your trading.
Self adjusting & refined levels provide accuracy you wont see in any other rooms strategy. Most rooms give you a generic level & expect it to work all week. Price doesn't work that way. Stay ahead of the crowd with BMT levels

How to use?
All my BMT levels are rounded to the nearest .25c level on big caps where a name would gravitate towards. Its not about being penny accurate, its about getting you to the area you need to be. Price action trading is all about consolidation, accumulation & movement.

Once you see a stock consolidate on or around a BMT price level, you simply look for continuation of trend or reversal. Its not anyone's job to guess on direction, Just know the Key level. Once you have that, you wait for market confirmation around that level. My levels work forward & reverse, Long or short. 


$ZM $320 Key Level
If ZM holds above, go long & use levels above as targets.
Below $320 Go short, see lower targets.
Its that simple...

ZM price level.GIF

$ZM image below, you can see how ZM held $320 & ran higher into $339