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Weekly Options Specialist

Welcome to a New Era of Trading

At BEAST MODE TRADES We Specialize in Weekly Options.
Strong Focus Solely on a handful of the Largest Names in the Market.
We Take Low Risk and Turn it into High Reward with our Approach.

Learn the BEAST MODE Strategy for Mastering RISK with Weekly Options.
Learn how we Manage Risk & Maintain an Edge in the Market in any condition.

Risk is always the Number One Concern when Trading Weeklies.
Our Process & Approach is Second to None when it comes to Trading
We MAXIMIZE Every Trades Potential!
We put you in front of the MOST 100% to 1000%+ Gainers with our Strategy!
Learn everything you need to know in the BMT Survival Guide.

Our Mission is to share our Trade Ideas, Strategies & Experience
Competitively priced, If you can afford Starbucks each day, You have no excuses!

If you are looking for a Drop Dead Simple Private Feed to Follow, then look no further




Live Alerts


Proprietary Beast Levels

See Listed Entries, Partial exits, Full exits live on our Private Twit feed.

Access via your mobile device, desktop, Ipad etc. 

My posts show Ticker name, Strike, Expiration, Price,




Typical Day/Week

Typical Day

-Pre Market summary: Stocks with levels to watch

-Custom Levels for all FAANG Names

-Live Trade Alerts when I enter a trade

-Market updates with key levels to watch, News Etc.

-Market Recap

Typical Week

-Weekly Charts with Key technical levels for optimal entries in calls/ puts

Options & strikes included.

-Weekly lotto ideas.


Know the levels to watch, Key breakout & inflection points. Learn how to spot plays on your own. Know when to trade & on the correct side of the market with Calls/Puts

No body has our accurate levels, Nobody does it like 



Learn the Beast Mode Process

Learn the Beast Mode Process with these key elements:

-Psychological approach to the market

-Risk & account management 

-Patience & discipline 

-Trade strength & pattern recognition

-Price action trading with BEAST levels

-Learn as you go approach







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